sup lately

So started working a Bard Optical. work takes a lot of time. In addition to study meetings service and friends that is. then I got an apartment. unpacking took some time. for a couple weeks my car was in the shop, so hitch rides and be stranded at home. dad was in hospital. home now. uncle steve got guitar hero. fun fun! lost some friends. sad sad! getting over it. ok semi ok! ordered new bras last night. TMI! I need a new hobby. It needs to get brighter and warmer so I can run again. I miss it! Oh got internet; obviously. But seriously, justĀ got it! OOO I get sooo mad when I type and nothing registers on the screen. does it when I text too. Can’t be that I’m typing too fast, could it? lol. So I saw a deer and a fox cross the road on way home tonight. not at same time. When I told my aunt I seen a fox, she said But I’m at home. No wonder another friend asked me what I meant. perhaps I should’ve specified crossing the road. oh well, nuf 4 nite.