Service day

So last night Sarah gets home and is telling me her drama while i’m finishing studying. then dylan comes over and we drive over to canton to look at a car for him. Come back. he’s tired and suposedly goes home (really he went to see Cables for a little bit). Anyway Sarah and I watched Coyote Ugly then i went to bed. still had headache and Sarah came up and played music all night cuz she couldn’t sleep. Today I got up to meet at 8am but group didn’t show so 8:20 i fixed eggs and corned beef hash, did dishes. met group at 9am. I was on the ball with dylan’s part and being able to comment. then I got to go with Linda on her study. went great. joined groups for rest of day. I even got to drive and hour during lunch time. dylan and i ate subway; yum! Leah and Allison had subway for supper. Marissa came over and worked with us a little too. then carissa was at our meeting. they are staying night with Leah. So they group dropped me off at 5 cuz not enough room for six. what ever, i still had headache so I laid down a few minutes and then took a shower. Dylan kept texting me and calling me a liar for finishing my conversation with Sarah this morning. When they hadn’t got me I said they either didn’t go out or forgot me. she said she didn’t think they went out. So after Allison said they did and that Dylan hadn’t said anything about me going, I texted Sarah that they did go out and didn’t tell them to get me. So He kept calling me a liar and rumor starter all evening and really upset me. I told him my understanding of last night’s conversation and how I was disappointed and was finishing a conversation. I think i was especially hurt that it was coming from him. I said I sometimes feel like you don’t want to be my friend and then you do or say something to make me feel you do but then you go and hurt me like this. So he came up after the meeting and said we are cool. I’m not sure I believe him, but whatever. I even clarified with LEah and Allison: no he didn’t tell them. just cuz he don’t want to take responsibility doesn’t mean I can’t hold him responsible. Anyways it just got worse when they announced all the regular pioneers, continuous auxillary pioneers, and all the April auxillarly pioneers and did not announce my name at all when I am a continuous auxillary pioneer. Dean points to me so afterward Robin says and Tiffany. so humilliating. I couldn’t help but cry a little and after the meeting and after Dylan, Leah and Isabel get me crying by asking what’s wrong. Oh i always wear my emotions on my face and can’t keep a secret!! went to Dairy Queen after meeting. I sat with Marissa and Hannah. I can’t wait to hang with her again- such a hoot. Anyways… Hey guess who came home tonight?! Yes my apartment mate is back! Oh I asked Kevin to go out in service with me Saurday after work and he didn’t want to be in my group so I asked him to please have a group meet me then. he agreed. I told milee too so maybe I won’t get left alone this time. anyways g-nite………



Today I went shopping with my mom. we went to khols, lowes, joann fabrics, walmart, gordmans and bath&body works. we also ate at culvers. i had soup and a shake. amazing how filling liquid can be! (not sarchastic). Last night sarah text me and was saying how bored her brother was and how cute he thinks i am. i realized i never texted him, so i did. he kept talkin about what a loser he is with women. he’s only 21. my cookies didn’t turn out like I expected. I baked peanut butter cookies and dipped them in chocolate; which sounds good, but the chocolate didn’t set so they stayed gooie and stuck on the wax paper. I took them off and put two cookies back to back. it’ll work. next time ^_^ better
home now. was gonna go with Taylor to Macomb, but she text and said not going now. ok. I don’t know if Sarah is at work or with Taylor. She not home. haven’t heard from anyone else all day. Just mom, tay earlier, Brent seeing if i’m who i am, david, and um no one else, not even gary. wow.
tried to find a skirt today; failed. had fun looking though. found a great mascara but they were out of black. what?!!! Like I want blue. just for that i didn’t get anything there.
I guess I will finish studying. Try to keep todays Bible text(I behold in my members another law warring against the law of my mind and leading me captive to sin’s law that is in my members.—Rom. 7:23)in mind if david texts me again. not sure what after that.


Mona and Sarah stayed over the other night and we went to Pekin south meeting Sunday and then to their Gma’s for a family dinner. Never told Sarah I crush on her brother but Mona nipping in the bud him crushin’ on me. Oops. anyway. went to tay’s after work monday. danced a little but she tired and it got late fast. Dylan been only giving me one word comments all week, but he was showing me pictures from a concert he went to recently. Kept saying how he don’t like my “boobs” visible. my outfit was nice and not inappropriate. whatever. I don’t care if he don’t like me ^~^
Today I turned 28.
Baking peanut butter cookies and planning to dip them in chocolate. Hope it turns out Yumminessly!!!
Guess where Sarah is…back at Tay’s; duh. I’m going with mom to Peoria in the morning and if we get back early enough to Macomb with Taylor. Thursday is Service and Meeting. I should probably study tonight if I’m gonna get it done.

day off

Had to day off work. slept in till 9, so I didn’t go in service. Haven’t heard from Dylan but Katrina finally text and wants to make cake when she gets back. I took a muscle relaxer and then remembered they put me to sleep, so I slept most of the day. I had started switching winter and summer clothes and cleaning my wordrobe, but It is now a mess. Sarah came home for like an hour tonight. wow. we watched a scary episode of Psych. she kept wanting to eat. I got her to jump on the trampoline for five min since she didn’t workout today. I didn’t want her to feel bad. she said she is mad at my uncle and not talking to him. there is a meeting with the elders, her, him, tay and her mom tomorrow before the meeting. whatever. I only had two meetings with elders before. one when my family was inactive but I was going to meetings. I guess they wanted to make sure no one was keeping me from going if I wanted. the second was to tell me I couldn’t pioneer cuz my mom’s a tramp and I needed to move out. so i did. you’d think things would be better since i took their advice. i have no money, no friends, no one to talk to except God of course. how do people stand living alone? what is there to do? IDK. sleep all day. ..

way home

So… went to work…. on way home I felt like drinking alcohol. For those of you who really know me that is odd. Went to store. Decided to make Margarita cake. Made cake. JoAnn came over and had me run up to her place and help with some stuff. then she came back and ate some cake. YUUUUMMM!!! Then she left, leaving me some new used clothes and house warming presents. I put the cake away… Ate supper and here I am. 9pm…. what to do now…update blog… check…

22 March, 2011 18:21

So last nite i cooked and froze pasta. Them sarah called and invited me to taylor’s. Boy you’d think she lived there. Milee asked me to keep trying to get sarah to come home since she driving milee nuts. She’s been ignoring the subtle so maybe someone needs to be blunt. Not it. We watched a movie and i went good a little after eleven. Got home and played on the computer a little. Wanted to call the girls and see if they still awake but just went to bed. Half hour or so dylan called for almost an hour 🙂
I had taken one of sarah’s pain pills. Never again. I didn’t get any sleep even though my nerves weren’t communicating. It was weird and i didn’t want to get up this morning. I called dylan at lunch to see if he made it to gary’s ok. No response. Maybe his phone doesn’t work there. Although i also had texted gary and no response. Weird. Pasta for lunch. I’m stuffed. Will have to finish it later. Ok… Back to work… Hi ho hi ho…

up till now

Went in service till four then helped Mom and Brett put up fence for horse. Cheeseburgers for supper. After meeting went with Tammy to visit a man in Cuba then helped mom again with fence and got steak for supper. worked today. cooked and froze meals. did laundry. now updating blog. Sarah on the phone. Wow, she hasn’t called me in forever. Yeah she wants something. Wish I could get my hair colored. It is growing in a different color. I have no money. Maybe I can put it on credit card and pay off when I get paid.

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