Day one

Today I woke up. I had stayed the night at the Carpenters’. Drove home and got ready for work. This morning the Doctor’s mom died so he left and a fill-in came. This week will be hectic. Good news: I will get Saturday off since no dr. Yea, Service!!!! Drove home and opened the electric bill…$91.79 Ok so I paid the whole bill Last month and two months of internet. Why do I have a roommate? She hasn’t slept here in a month. Heartbreak depression should be resolved by now, so what’s the dealio???? I was going through stuff too; only I had no one to run to. A certian friend is a jerk and often reminds me in ways of the guy who tried to rape me. My boyfriend is a major jerk but even though I broke up with him guess who I talked to the other night?! I just can’t stay away. I’m not strong enough to be alone. If only God will bless me with someone decent soon! ok, enough lamenting. Plans for tonight: study, maybe eat, sleep!!


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