Next day

So…turns out my new ringtones don’t work for anything at all. eh well. What’d I do last night? A little youtube. A little Bible reading. Put my bed up on risers. Went to sleep early. I texted taylor and a few others. Nothing. Another night alone. I need a new hobbie to occupy my mind. In the past: painting, keyboard, poetry, languages, obsession with natural remedies, movies/tv, book reading, barbies, photography, shopping, cooking, sewing, … Since I have no talents, I tend to bore of these and move on to something else. Currently I am without a hobby. I need something inexpensive, not too addictive that I’d slack in study, occupy me enough that I don’t mind being alone, don’t fill my mind so much that my conversations always veer towards it. IDK what. Maybe I will figure something out. I need to get motivated in learning Spanish, but that takes a lot of work and is difficult without someone else to converse and practice with. Dylan says he wants to learn too, but I’ve yet to see him do much. Maybe if I start studying and using more phrases, he will too and then we can practice on each other. IDK. At least everyone seems pleased with my motives, hopefully things will work out satifactorily. I suppose the sooner I learn the sooner things will work out; so it’s up to me… Well, there’s my new obsession.


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