This evening

Got up, started laundry, went to work. Got home, did more laundry, grandma came over. Gave grandma a neck massage, went for a walk with her twice around the block. Went to eat with her at DQ. Came home and let her play on my computer. She was looking at houses for sale in Florida. Checked my e-mail. I plan on exercising and studying in my Bearing Witness book. Although it is already 9pm. Saw Sarah a brief moment today. She came to grab clothes and leave. Grandma reminded me that Hannah is moving back so I will have another friend in the area besides Margurite whom I see seldom. Brett still hasn’t heard about the Iowa job yet. Kayla sent me a pic of the baby; getting big already. Still haven’t lost more weight, but at least I havn’t gained any back. Tomorrow my Link card gets filled so maybe Friday I can go shopping after work.
Been an hour. Haven’t got much done. Maybe I will get up early and do something. How do I waste time when I haven’t done anything?


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