22 March, 2011 18:21

So last nite i cooked and froze pasta. Them sarah called and invited me to taylor’s. Boy you’d think she lived there. Milee asked me to keep trying to get sarah to come home since she driving milee nuts. She’s been ignoring the subtle so maybe someone needs to be blunt. Not it. We watched a movie and i went good a little after eleven. Got home and played on the computer a little. Wanted to call the girls and see if they still awake but just went to bed. Half hour or so dylan called for almost an hour šŸ™‚
I had taken one of sarah’s pain pills. Never again. I didn’t get any sleep even though my nerves weren’t communicating. It was weird and i didn’t want to get up this morning. I called dylan at lunch to see if he made it to gary’s ok. No response. Maybe his phone doesn’t work there. Although i also had texted gary and no response. Weird. Pasta for lunch. I’m stuffed. Will have to finish it later. Ok… Back to work… Hi ho hi ho…


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