day off

Had to day off work. slept in till 9, so I didn’t go in service. Haven’t heard from Dylan but Katrina finally text and wants to make cake when she gets back. I took a muscle relaxer and then remembered they put me to sleep, so I slept most of the day. I had started switching winter and summer clothes and cleaning my wordrobe, but It is now a mess. Sarah came home for like an hour tonight. wow. we watched a scary episode of Psych. she kept wanting to eat. I got her to jump on the trampoline for five min since she didn’t workout today. I didn’t want her to feel bad. she said she is mad at my uncle and not talking to him. there is a meeting with the elders, her, him, tay and her mom tomorrow before the meeting. whatever. I only had two meetings with elders before. one when my family was inactive but I was going to meetings. I guess they wanted to make sure no one was keeping me from going if I wanted. the second was to tell me I couldn’t pioneer cuz my mom’s a tramp and I needed to move out. so i did. you’d think things would be better since i took their advice. i have no money, no friends, no one to talk to except God of course. how do people stand living alone? what is there to do? IDK. sleep all day. ..


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