Today I went shopping with my mom. we went to khols, lowes, joann fabrics, walmart, gordmans and bath&body works. we also ate at culvers. i had soup and a shake. amazing how filling liquid can be! (not sarchastic). Last night sarah text me and was saying how bored her brother was and how cute he thinks i am. i realized i never texted him, so i did. he kept talkin about what a loser he is with women. he’s only 21. my cookies didn’t turn out like I expected. I baked peanut butter cookies and dipped them in chocolate; which sounds good, but the chocolate didn’t set so they stayed gooie and stuck on the wax paper. I took them off and put two cookies back to back. it’ll work. next time ^_^ better
home now. was gonna go with Taylor to Macomb, but she text and said not going now. ok. I don’t know if Sarah is at work or with Taylor. She not home. haven’t heard from anyone else all day. Just mom, tay earlier, Brent seeing if i’m who i am, david, and um no one else, not even gary. wow.
tried to find a skirt today; failed. had fun looking though. found a great mascara but they were out of black. what?!!! Like I want blue. just for that i didn’t get anything there.
I guess I will finish studying. Try to keep todays Bible text(I behold in my members another law warring against the law of my mind and leading me captive to sin’s law that is in my members.—Rom. 7:23)in mind if david texts me again. not sure what after that.


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