All i want is simple

Jas0n sent me a list of articles i’m supposed to read and meditate on. So i try but he forgot the page numbers. When i asked him to clarify he said to search and do some digging. I already did that when this whole thing started. I am so frustrated. I’m not even folding my laundry. I don’t case if my clothes are wrinkled and i look like crap cuz i feel like it anyway. I can’t stop crying. I want to hurt myself but that will just hurt david and no one else will likely even notice anyways. I need my roomate but of course she is with her best friend. I’ve said it before i didn’t want just someone to split the rent with. I cannot live alone! I get paranoid for one thing. Today i needed her and she won’t be home. I texted her earlier an update and she hasn’t even cared to check on me. Her advice last night was to forget doing things the right way just do it. But robin brought out that those
alive in 1914 will see the great tribulation. We are so close! I don’t have time to mess up.


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