I finally fell asleep after I heard Sarah come home. I don’t remember all of my dream, bu tI remember feeling frustrated. The last part, I was sitting at a table with I don’t remember who except my cousin Ashlee. She orders a chocolate shake and says she doesn’t want it cuz it’s lumpy. So I’m twirling the straw in the shake and find orance slices and peices of chicken. gross. Fortuanatley a text message wakes me from this. Aw I am loved. That is just what I needed this morning!! Still, I didn’t want to get out of bed. Sarah’s alarm keeps going off. “This girl’s got love like woah woah” Finally the sun starts to shine in so I pull myself out of bed and drag myself down the stairs to take a shower. All the while thinking of my David. I love the brothers and I love Jehovah, but this is making me so frustrated. I don’t want myself or David to feel ill of the organization. This is all for out benefit. A proof of our true love. As he says in Princess Bride, even death cannot stop true love! I’m gonna get Sarah out of bed and see what she wants to do today. I feel like spending some time with her if she wants to. Have a good day, my love.


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