Awoke with a migraine. I just love when that happens! *Sarcastic*
Took two naproxin and two excedrine.
It’s my own fault partly because I consumed three out of four common triggers yesterday: cheese, chocolate, and gluten. I did not consume alcohol.
Did not want to get out of bed, but ron called and my car is ready to pick up and I have so much to do before work today. I have to walk down and get my car, pay rent, pay insurance, and then go to work; and I haven’t showered yet. At lunch I have to go to mine and Sarah’s banks. I hate being stressed.
Dreampt of David all morning. I love and miss him so much!!!! I can’t wait for another text to remind me of his unswerving love for me too. It’s these little things that keep me going throughout the day.
Tuesday night Sarah came up and sat on my bed and we talked about different things going on in our and our friends’ lives. She feels bad for herself not having someone special to love, but is glad for Taylor and me. I’m happy when she makes comments that express her acceptance of me and David. She was a little shocked, but that is understandable. The two guys she has really liked both fell for her best friend at the time, and this was just timed as she was still dealing with the second let down. Yesterday I told her how much I had needed her Wednesday night and she admitted she hadn’t expected to be gone so late. We spent the morning together in service and then the evening before bed. I’m glad when we are getting along. I always try to be open and honest with her because she is my roomate for one thing but also because she is one of my closest friends.
My best friends are Kayla and Jared Stensrud who live in Tulsa. Next comes Marguarite and Hannah who live in Canton, then Sarah and Taylor who live here in Lewistown. I have other friends, but they don’t know secrets of my past and I think that is an important ingrediet in a best friend. I have lost many and still hope for their return to my life, but I try to think positive and live each day with the blessings given. I best get going on the day.
I love my dearest David and will think of him all day I know.


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