My h0mew0rk is chapters 5 and 4 from a b0ok detailing less0ns fr0m jeramiah.

Jer 17:5-10 trusting in myself or my own heart can lead to isolation from jehovah. Listening to g0d th0 can lead to a beautiful life. G0d kn0ws what is truly in our hearts and will bless us. Papagraph 18 says i cannot seek companionship with ppl whose beliefs are in conflict with bible teaching and still remain true to my convictions. My heart can deceive of leading of to think no real spiritual problem exists while others see warning signs and are concerned for me. The definition of a god is a person or thing of supreme value. Ppl in jeremiah time didn’t listen they hardened their neck t0 not listen to discipline. Although they knew god’s law they had their own view. In order to god’s will i must put aside selfish pursuits. To improve my heart 3 vital tings: study bible, insight into how god works in my own life, and application of what i learn. If i seek god’s direction he will mold
me. The course i pursue may seen puzzling but is good. When i accept being molde by god he will form


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