morning after

So went out with my Uncle Kevin, Milee, Taylor, and Dylan last night. We saw Limitless at Pekin theater before coming home. I went straight upstairs and talked with my handsome man till almost five in the morning. I love how we are comfortable with each other and can talk about anything and everything. I love talking to him. Longing for more. He keeps wanting me to spend the night, but I won’t stay till we together forever because I won’t want it ever to end. He was hanging with his friend when I called. A little hyper, but I I love when he gets excited as much as I love when he is tender and sweet. He still says things, like the words he uses, that shows he been in the city a while. My aunt was like that when she first came over from Ohio (she was in the ghetto tho). While I want him now, I do think the Bible will be good for him so that waiting will be good for both of us (just damn near impossible) But… the scriptures say with God all things are possible. So my love…
untill the day we can hold each other and never let go, untill that time my heart heart is beating with every thought of you. Your memories, my blood is flooding, keeping me alive. Yes it’s your love that i am breathing and waiting, waiting, waiting for… your tender touch, your gentle kisses, your warming embrace to wake me from this darkened prison i’m lost inside my own intentions. A battle of good and evil is wageing deep inside. yes a longing for those good vibrations to loosen all these tears I’m chained to and crumble down my fortress walls. We’ve been apart, or so it seems, a thousand years or more. But I’ve got you, a memory not faded; you’re all I want and more. So untill that day we can hold each other and never let go, untill that time just know that I will always be yours; to have and hold, to kiss and touch, to love with every breath you take. Yes I am yours, heart soul and body, loving you…loving you…David I love you, forever.

Today: clean apartment, watch homework video, read memorial Bible reading, watch Step up 3, get ready for memorial later, dream constantly of David, not pay internet bill sitting here since I don’t get paid until Wednesday. Not leave apartment unless it’s on fire (like my heart and body for David), text my mom a picture of STL animal cookies they sell at store in Pekin, idk what else.


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  1. David Barr
    Apr 17, 2011 @ 19:19:08

    last night was a lot of fun, but I know it’ll be nicer when we spend nights like that together. I love you and I love talking to you and everything about you


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