that’s right. I did pretty much nothing today. I never do that. boy I must be pretty depressed. Ok so i didn’t do just nothing; that’s not possible for me. I started washing dishes but when I cut my hand on the pizza cutter I gave up. Sarah left after that and I went back to bed. Then Aunt Tricia text me. She an Tony came over this afternoon for a while. That was nice. I haven’t seen them in a long time. I uploaded some old photos I found and put them on YahooPulse. I watched an episode of Numb3rs Sarah put on netflix and left a note that it was for me. That’s one of my favorite shows. I think that is her way of acnowloging peace between us. I made tuna patties for lunch and ate them all. This is why I don’t like to cook anymore. My back hurts; think I will go back to bed. I have my judicial meeting with the elders tommorrow. I’m trying to prepare myself, but I have no idea what to expect. David encouraged me with a text that he is definitely going to study. I wonder if he saw my response to his comment; I don’t think he did or he wouldn’t’ve questioned my loyalty and devotion. Granted I betrayed my loyallty to God, but look what for! Now I know that’s not the right attitude, but I’m trying to sort my head out. One thing I know though is my love will not fade, it is a constant variable in the eqation of my life. Can ya tell I was watchin numb3rs? lol. Think I have a fever; better lay down. Wish I was laynig in my love’s arms. O.K. maybe I should run a little first. lol. Trampoline should be fine. Forgot what else I wanted to say; I do that alot lately.


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  1. DJ
    May 02, 2011 @ 22:24:08

    I saw it I love you and miss you too I with that I knew what day we could be together again because not knowing really sucks. well I’m hopeing and praying to see you soon I love you


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