okay so it’s turesday morning. I’m up already. The Daily Scripture Text for today says we should be imitators of God (Ephesians 5:1). The watchtower from 2009 comments: Jehovah God sets the perfect example of courtesy. Despite his high position as Sovereign of the universe, he treats humans with great kindness and respect. In addressing both Abraham and Moses, Jehovah used a Hebrew term often translated “please.” (Gen. 13:14; Ex. 4:6) When his servants commit errors, Jehovah is “merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abundant in loving-kindness and trueness.” (Ps. 86:15) He is far different from some humans who explode with fury when others do not meet their expectations. God’s good manners are also evident in the way he listens to humans. When Abraham raised questions regarding the people of Sodom, Jehovah patiently answered each one. (Gen. 18:23-32) He did not view Abraham’s concern as a drain on His time. Jehovah listens to the prayers of his servants and to the cries of repentant sinners. (Ps. 51:11, 17) Should we not imitate Jehovah by listening when others speak to us? w09 11/15 5:3, 4
I remember a verse talking about how he lifts us up and he comes down to meet us. While he is the highest personage in the universe he is humble in his dealings with mankind. today’s text brings out how God displays manners. I like knowing He listens when I speak to HIm and He is considerate when I fall short of what He expects from me.
I want to prove to God that I am as devoted to Him as I had said I would be, and as much as I am to David. I hope I have been strong enough these past few days; I don’t think I could have been any stronger. There is a verse that says when I am weak then I am powerful. This is because of the strength God gives through His holy spirit. This is something I can pray for to help me. I pray all the time, but I need to be more specific. I work 10-6 today and my judicial meeting is tonight. I hope all goes well. At least I know whatever is decided, it will be what is best for me and for the congregation. I just hope I am not disiplined too harshly cuz it don’t take much for me. I am much more sensitive than I let on. Oh my alarm is going off upstairs!


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  1. David
    May 03, 2011 @ 17:57:57

    i hope they change there minds about them not wanting you to talk to me this all seems a bit extreme to me that they don’t want you talking to me I miss you. I love you I hope we can be together soon


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