another day

So after my wonderful evening yesterday 😉

Today is jsut anouther day without my David.

I went in service and none of my people I wanted to talk to today were home. We walked down a street in Havana and I got to talk to one woman, but she already belonging to a church did not want to discuss Bible prophesies wiht me. Dylan liked the point I wa bringing out with her though. I said how even in small towns today If I were to ask, “do you know of anyone who has been the victim of a violent crime?” they will likely answer “Yes”. Especially in Havana with that Corey kid who being in a wheelchair still got bullied. He studies with Jehovah’s Wittesses now. In 2 Timothy3:1-5 we read about qualities people would display in the last days before armagedon. These include people lacking in natural affection. When we read of women killing thier children that is what I think of as being against natural affection. It is not even shocking anymore when we see these kind of stories in the News. Well that is one of six prophesies being fulfilled right now that the May Watchtower discusses. Not that I said all that to her, but that is the point I was sharing. I am going at 1:30 to take Allison to Havana for a couple of studies she has. I still need to study for the meeting. I can’t comment, but I will get more out of it if I know what they are talking about. The Meetings are like a meal. I can go to a restraunt, but if I don’t eat any food, I can still starve.

Really though all I can think of right now is how I can’t wait to be Mrs. David James Barr 🙂 I liked meeting some of his friends. It’s kinda weird being “the girlfriend”. I wonder if they’ve heard that one before and so what do they think of how I’m gonna treat my man. He has been beat down by the wrong girls. I want him always to feel good about himself and about us. I love love love him!!!


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