today’s bible text

Thursday, May 5
He is a propitiatory sacrifice for our sins.—1 John 2:2.
If we appreciate what Jehovah and his Son have done in order to deliver us from sin and death, we will show it. (1 John 5:3) We will fight against our tendency to sin. Never will we give in to the willful practice of sin and lead the hypocritical double life that often goes with it. Such a course would amount to saying that we do not value or appreciate the ransom at all. Rather, we will show our appreciation by working hard to stay clean in God’s sight. (2 Pet. 3:14) We will show it by sharing with others our wonderful hope of deliverance, so that they too may have a clean standing with Jehovah and the hope for an eternal future. (1 Tim. 4:16) Surely Jehovah and his Son are worth every bit of the time and energy we can devote to praising them! (Mark 12:28-30) Think of it! We can look forward to life as God meant it to be, in perfection, forever—all because of what Jehovah has done to deliver us!—Rom. 8:21. w09 9/15 5:15, 17

hmm… have I taken the ransom for granted? Well, if I were married to David it wouldn’t be a sin, 4 or so times. Hey, he posts on FB how great last night was…of course Sarah asks why cuz she knows I was not home and what else would give him a satisfying evening to post about at the same time I get home… Granted I always say I have nothing to hide, but wow is he blonde sometimes. So am I most times, but I think he should tell her how he has started a new exercise program. That is sorta true. I don’t condone lying, but I do tend to utilize facts in my favor as most ppl do. Does he think ill of me for that? I don’t want to be or have a way of thinking or doing things that will make my love uncomfortable or less respecting of me. I’ve let our relationship get strained enough by listening to everyone else. Yes God should be a part of our lives and marriage, but just him and us. A three fold cord. Not 5 or 10. Well, I am going in the ministry today and at the meeting tonight they will announce that I have been publically reproved. wow that will be weird. and embarrasing. ok, I’ve got to get ready so Sarah still has time if she needs in the bathroom.


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