I will never leave him!

I an so pissed. I know David does not want to hear me bitch, but i cannot stand his mother. She came for a visit and is moving herself and a bunch of ppl in. She is just taking over putting David down. Saying the rental is her house and David needs to grow up. She won’t stop running her mouth. There is no more peace left. She has no respect for me or my things. I will have to move anything i brought in out. I already had difficulty feeling like i really live here and now it’ll be like i don’t. Maybe i won’t. I can’t stand a few days with her how will i stand any longer? I will get all my stuff out. I may stay with mom til David can get us a place. I can’t stand to be a part from him but i can’t live under her thumb. God put me on earth to be David’s partner to take case of him. Not to cater to dawn. He knows she upsets him. I feel that and my own frustrations. I can’t handle that much
negative energy. It will kill me. If i do have to stay with my mom i hope David knows i love him.


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