A date I will remember. Hadn’t been feeling well, so I went to the Health Department before work to confirm my suspicions.  A positive report: I am Pregnant!

Things have been going better than expected. I live with David in our bedroom. His mother, her boyfriend, and sometimes her ex-boyfriend’s daughter also live in the house. Surprisingly we are all getting along okay. Wendy sometimes gets bored and starts trouble, but then she goes back to stay with her on-again boyfriend. I’m glad my relationship with David is not like that.

So I texted David at work immediatly and then called my mom. I also texted my Aunt Tricia and told some family up at Uncle Bud’s. I am planning to e-mail my Dad since he doesn’t talk to me. I don’t mind him not talking to me, but I know it would hurt his feelings if I didn’t tell him my good news. At least I think it is good news.

I don’t like that I am unmarried as of yet. I don’t like where I live as of yet. I don’t like driving so far to work as of yet (job interview today). And I don’t like that at any trip my car could stop operating. I have a lot of expected expenses and very little income, but like everything else, I am confident that everything will work out okay.

I am in love and we are going to have a baby!