Last night I think we felt a little heart beat in my tummy. Getting so exciting. I told my mom’s family and my dad and his sister. David told his uncle but did not want to tell hs mom yet, so he didn’t tell his grandma either. He also told the guys at work. I told the older woman at work cuz she had suspected. Also Bill and his wife cuz they suspected. My dad told David’s sister MOna and she posted it on FaceBook. So my cousin texts me and asks if it’s true. I didn’t mean to forget to text her. Anyways I put it in my profile but didn’t post it because my friends in Tulsa know I am dating and know I am not married yet. I don’t want to say anything to upset them. Unlike ppl here, they still have a good image of me. In time things will all work out fine, but right now it’s just all out of order.
Anyways…Baby on the way!