Last night I went to get groceries. I first went to Wal-mart for baby wipes and the store was all disarray as they were re-modeling. A good thing I suppose and it didn’t affect much which sections I needed. I walked through the clothes looking for deals and found some good ones. Tank for $1.00! Today as I tried on my “deals” I remembered my previous resolution and why that it isn’t really a deal if I’m not going to wear it because it’s not that attractive or because it doesn’t fit. Well shopping at night the dressing room was closed and being clearance items sizes were limited. I only selected those I thought were cute and would fit, but I was mistaken. I am wearing the tank today but not sure about the rest of my investments. Guess finding money I’d hidden isn’t a good find when I “blow” it. Anyways then I went over to the 24hr Kroger for food only to find they’d be closing at 11pm tonight for waxing and it was already 10:30! The girl said it was fine to go ahead on in but I quickly found out I would not be getting all my shopping done. The waxing guys had started early so dairy and frozen foods were roped off. Fortunately milk, for some reason was not located with the cheese and yogurt so I did get my number one list item. Shredded cheese however would not make it into my cart. I managed to quickly meander my way through isles I am unfamiliar with (as I usually shop at the location by my home that is not 24hr). The clerk proceeds to announce the countdown as I make my way to the front. I see all the self-checkouts are open, amazingly. But I need a real one as I had some WIC items. I track down someone to check me out as the clerk over the PA continues the countdown. I’m not used to being pushed out of the store, especially when I wasn’t expecting to be. I got so frazzled. By the end I even stated to hand him my credit card when accepting the receipt. Oh I needed to get home. I figured a goods night’s sleep would calm me and it’d all be a faint memory but I am still a little frazzled today by any little thing not going smoothly, such as on the computer. Oh how one little set back can “set back” a whole life, it seems.

Breath in…Breath out…


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