he didn’t kiss me good-bye today.That’s a first.i …

he didn’t kiss me good-bye today.That’s a first.i know it’s hard on him that i not found job yet.i’m trying.


it’s been three days since i’ve seen my baby and i…

it’s been three days since i’ve seen my baby and i’m trying not to cry as i sit outside waiting for my Grandma to bring him home.

Guess i should start updating my blog

Today my mom came to town and she took Dante that’s my son and i to a few stores and then we had light lunch at culvers that’s not sarcastic. I had the most delicious salad.


Last night I think we felt a little heart beat in my tummy. Getting so exciting. I told my mom’s family and my dad and his sister. David told his uncle but did not want to tell hs mom yet, so he didn’t tell his grandma either. He also told the guys at work. I told the older woman at work cuz she had suspected. Also Bill and his wife cuz they suspected. My dad told David’s sister MOna and she posted it on FaceBook. So my cousin texts me and asks if it’s true. I didn’t mean to forget to text her. Anyways I put it in my profile but didn’t post it because my friends in Tulsa know I am dating and know I am not married yet. I don’t want to say anything to upset them. Unlike ppl here, they still have a good image of me. In time things will all work out fine, but right now it’s just all out of order.
Anyways…Baby on the way!


A date I will remember. Hadn’t been feeling well, so I went to the Health Department before work to confirm my suspicions.  A positive report: I am Pregnant!

Things have been going better than expected. I live with David in our bedroom. His mother, her boyfriend, and sometimes her ex-boyfriend’s daughter also live in the house. Surprisingly we are all getting along okay. Wendy sometimes gets bored and starts trouble, but then she goes back to stay with her on-again boyfriend. I’m glad my relationship with David is not like that.

So I texted David at work immediatly and then called my mom. I also texted my Aunt Tricia and told some family up at Uncle Bud’s. I am planning to e-mail my Dad since he doesn’t talk to me. I don’t mind him not talking to me, but I know it would hurt his feelings if I didn’t tell him my good news. At least I think it is good news.

I don’t like that I am unmarried as of yet. I don’t like where I live as of yet. I don’t like driving so far to work as of yet (job interview today). And I don’t like that at any trip my car could stop operating. I have a lot of expected expenses and very little income, but like everything else, I am confident that everything will work out okay.

I am in love and we are going to have a baby!

I will never leave him!

I an so pissed. I know David does not want to hear me bitch, but i cannot stand his mother. She came for a visit and is moving herself and a bunch of ppl in. She is just taking over putting David down. Saying the rental is her house and David needs to grow up. She won’t stop running her mouth. There is no more peace left. She has no respect for me or my things. I will have to move anything i brought in out. I already had difficulty feeling like i really live here and now it’ll be like i don’t. Maybe i won’t. I can’t stand a few days with her how will i stand any longer? I will get all my stuff out. I may stay with mom til David can get us a place. I can’t stand to be a part from him but i can’t live under her thumb. God put me on earth to be David’s partner to take case of him. Not to cater to dawn. He knows she upsets him. I feel that and my own frustrations. I can’t handle that much
negative energy. It will kill me. If i do have to stay with my mom i hope David knows i love him.


wow having house “guests” is not easy. David’s mom, still thinking the rental she moved out of and stopped paying rent for is hers, so she volunteered a girl to live with us. We likely would’ve said ok on our own but wnyway. She said she would help out, but is being lazy. Today, like usual she was on the computer all morning. Looking for a job? no playing games and talking on facebook. So I started doin some dishes since there’s so many now. She had the audacity to bring in a plastic spoon and say here’s another dish. First of all it is plastic, throw it away. Secondly at least offer to help, don’t just go in the living room and sit your butt on the couch while listening to music. The only reason anything got clen since she came is because she had some guy come over who cleaned. Then anouther guy been coming over too. She moved in cuz she broke up with her boyfriend. What’s with all the guys?! She claims he was cheting on her, but how loyal was she? I can’t answer that, but I don’t trust her. Well I have to get the clothes out of the dryer next door. I wish we lived somewhere that people respected as our place and where I can have my washer, dryer, and other things that it would feel like I actually live there not just anouther house guest. I don’t want people thinking I’m only going to be with David for a while. I want to be with him Forever if possibe or longer. I love him so much and i’m only going to love him more as time goes on.

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