couple months

on valentines we went to the bank to take out cash to buy a second vehicle, just a truck for David to take to work. Then on way home we got rear-ended! So… now we were out of our primary vehicle, still have a loan showing on credit report. We ended up using all of David’s tax money to get a car. Our insurance paid off our loan. Now we are waiting to hear from the other drivers’ insurance to see if we can recoup our tax money and still get that second vehicle. We also need other things. I haven’t been able to get a second or better job because during the week job hours don’t coincide with David’s work hours to drive both of us to and from work. Then there’s the who will watch Dante issue. So finally I found something. I can still work my weekend job but now I will also work through the week while David is at work, at my leisure scanning barcodes. The only problem is before I am officially hired I have to show proof of 100/300 auto liability insurance. I have full coverage but my liability is only like 20/40. Some companies like Safeauto don’t even offer 100/300! Well I’m going to turn in the bus agreement and say I’m having to wait until the accident stuff is all settled to get into the insurance website paperwork since they’re working on everything. I really don’t care about getting paid mileage since I figure I’d have to drive to work anyways and the one store is walking distance.

Dante turned two, I turned thirty-one, besides all that each day I pretty much still the same.