Been a long time

Been a long time

Haven’t written in a while. My son is a year old already! Full of character 🙂 We’re all doing well but would be doing better if I had a job again. Still life is good. My sister-in-law is pregnant so I’m excited to have another baby around without having to go through the pain myself, not that I don’t plan on more. Unfortunately they’re out of a home right now, stayed a few nights with us and are sort of floating til they can find something. Today I guess they had to lose the dog and have been pretty upset over it. My mom and dad wouldn’t take it being of the pitbull class and my cousin’s classmate was just killed by one so the painful memory is fresh on everyone’s mind and myths are hard to break thru. But I understand and anyways we’re both going to have kids and if we decide to find a place together it may be for the best in the long run though puts them out the investment of money and emotion for now. Anyways looking forward to a lot of activity as the weather warms up.